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Diane Edwards


2020, Single channel HD video, 00:05:30, Sound design: Donna Haringwey

Diane Edwards

Diane Edwards navigates the parallel yet entangled worlds of climatic mutation and digital optimization. Using synthetic and organic media to create moving-image, sculpture and installation her research led practice conducts inquiries into digital, biological and earthly spaces, and ecologies. Recent projects have investigated rare earths; the human microbiome and more-than-human life; speculative notions of life after ‘mass extinction’; the socio-technological issues of AI, technology dependence and labour. 

Edwards has exhibited and participated in numerous shows and contexts including: Quartier am Hafen (Cologne DE); +DEDE (Berlin, DE); Shipment (London UK); Chalton Gallery (London UK); Glasgow International (Glasgow UK); Die Digitale Festival (Dusseldorf DE); Hidden Door (Edinburgh, UK); Artificial Intelligence Autumn Session, Goethe Institut (Glasgow UK); London Creative Network, [SPACE] (London UK).  She was awarded an MFA Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University of London (2017) and a Ba(Hons) Fine Art Painting, Edinburgh College of Art(2009) and is also cofounder of artist run gallery Gossamer Fog (London, UK).     



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