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Book of Lainika

Preface - book of lainika

450 million light years away from our Solar System this , another planetary system, Lainika . Lainika has all the great knowledge and secrets of the cosmos. These can be unveiled from manuscript called 'Book of Lainika' . Through the ontological records of evolution of species- from the lowest level consciousness to the highest level of consciousness ,energies and an access to the higher dimensions. At present manuscript consists of around 245 pages, but the speculations are that additional pages are missing. Some pages are foldable sheets of varying sizes. Most of the pages have fantastic illustrations , some are crudely colour, with sections of showing creatures, plants , fossils symbols, microbes , laws of physics, interplanetary highways , maps etc. The text is written from right to left . The manuscript has been held in private collection, Rare Book and Manuscript Library. It is an illustrated codex hand-written manuscript , in a language referred as Lavnik. The paper on which it is written has been carbon-dated to c1500- c500BCE , is of early ( earth) Iron age. Stylistic analysis indicates that the origins and purpose of the manuscript is to reveal the deep truths of our Cosmos. Various hypotheses have been suggested, including ,it, as a recorded script for a natural language or constructed language; of highly advanced civilization. Its chapters contains the code, cipher, or other form of cryptography, which talks about the residents of planetary system who are of level IV consciousness which means that they can control and harness the energies of the surrounding planets, galaxies and other cosmic events. They can also manipulate the time, space.

The Book of Lainika has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British code breakers and many hypotheses proposed over the last many years have been independently verified. The mystery of its meaning and origin has excited the popular imagination, making it the subject of study and speculation.


Various transcription alphabets have been created from Latin characters to equate Lavnik characters and help crypt analysis, such as the Extensible (originally) European alphabet. The first major one was created by the "Combined Sciences Group", led by Artist / philosopher , D. Priyanka Bajaj in 2016 , where each line of the manuscript was transcribed to Br E or UK English. Collecting data from 5000 years old ancient Indian scriptures and also from the discoveries of modern science coming from CERN, it is a manuscript of collective archival data of past and present, weaving them together. Here D. Priyanka is proposing to coin a new term - Unified Theory of Combined Sciences - UTCS.

Standing on the bridge of time zone where past and future are diluting into one another. During her process, she has observed that Book of Lainika is intensely poetic in its expression and complementing to modern science in its wisdom. Both sciences are enquiring the same Nature of Reality, asking the same deep questions of Our existence and coming up with the same echoing answers .

What are the sources of Ontological studies and Epistemology for this manuscript ?

There are 6 ontological and epistemology sources of Book of Lainika

. Theoretical physics and Quantum physics

.Cognitive Theory.

Consciousness Theory.

Perception and Analogical Reasoning.

Four Preliminaries for Book of Lainika-

1. Aspirant Student and Seeker of Greater Truths.

2 . Subject Matter - Evolution of human species - Trans-humanism and consciousness.

3.Purpose - Existential post humanism - what are the ways of existing and evolving as human species and as a consciousness being and to know the reality of our existence.


Book of Lainika is a blueprint of Reality. It promises to give solutions to mankind and will take us from lower level being to highest level of conscious being through the knowledge and wisdom of ancient and modern sciences . Artist\ Creator is proposing a new theory - Unified Theory of Combined Sciences -UTCS.



i . Consciousness - Singular or Dual in nature.

ii. Fundamental building block of Cosmos .

iii. Causality loops - Law of action and reaction.

iv. Frequencies and Vibrations.

v. Post-Humanism and Tran-humanism .

Consciousness - Singular or Dual in nature.

That thou art ..... You are that ...

You are the fundamental reality of the Universe .... Not you, as, a body not you, as, a mind .... It's not even you, as, a person , But as an underlying consciousness which shines through, functions through, express through, in this mind- body complex, That consciousness that vastness ....You Are That reality of this world ! Existence, Consciousness, Bliss. Outside world is just a reflection of your inner world! If only you knew who you are! Not only As a body or as a mind, bound to, die, age or decay, Not even as a mind which is changing, not even as a limited person, But as an unlimited consciousness, expressing itself through the mind and the body. Realize who you are ! Realize your existence is beyond suffering, unlimited ,Omnipotent ,omniscient, perfect existence, pure consciousness, unchanging Reality, which you are already,....

Chandragyupnishad, Ancient Vedic Text[.7th century]

ii. Fundamental building block of Cosmos

'In 1825 ,Physicist, Michael Faraday discovered that the fundamental building blocks of nature are much more nebulous and abstract, they are fluid like substances which are just spread throughout the entire universe and ripple in strange and interesting ways. That's the fundamental reality we live in these fluid like substance we call them Fields, It has particular value at every point in the space and that value can change in time.'

..... Extract from the lecture of David Tong Quantum Fields: The real Building Blocks of the Universe, at The Royal Institution

This finding echoes with the ancient text of Vedantsaara ,Ancient text , which proclaimed presence of primordial form of energy pervading eternally in the Cosmos. This sublet energy, what science is calling as Wave Field Energy , Ancient called it Consciousness, pervading in every sentient being. It is now accepted as a fundamental building block of Cosmos!

iii. Causality loop - Law of action and reaction!

The phenomenon of this cosmos depends upon the casualty loop .One energy which goes, come back, Physical laws are fine tuned by this cause of Causality loop.... That is the cause-and-effect which is bounded by law..... It is that law which brings order to the chaos. The consequences of our actions change the directions of our time. Everything will work according to the reasons it has already been placed .You are the result of that accumulated energy you have created for yourself.

iv. Hard Problem of consciousness

For thousands of years, human beings have been exploring the fundamental nature of the world and the self. In this process, modern science and ancient philosophies do not differ in conceiving the physical body as a mind, also as a material. But now the question is to be asked that so-called matter is not sentient, it cannot be aware or conscious, then how does matter suddenly become conscious/aware/sentient being? For this reason, consciousness studies have become very important in the last two to three decades and it has opened up. These studies are now turned out to be multidisciplinary by the interest of brain scientists, neurosciences, psychologists, philosophers of mind, language, physicists, computer scientists, Artificial Intelligence. A lot of work has been done in this field of science to address what is this subjective conscious experience which a human being has internally. Consciousness studies are not new in ancient philosophies , about two to three thousand years ago texts called Upanishads which are originated from Vedas are clearly stating about consciousness and its nature. In Book of Lainika, the nature of consciousness is unveiled . Its secrets encompasses the standpoint of modern science on the subject of consciousness which are an attempt to answer the so-called hard problem of consciousness from combined studies of the Advaita Vedanta , Australian Philosopher David Chalmers

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