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Rodrigo Gutierez

The Stone and The Ripples

​ODE to Länadk


Rodrigo Gutierez -- – In native American language of the regions of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, i.e., Quechua, llupiy means to think, to meditate.


Research interests in cognition with central focus on sound and affect, i.e., bridging psychophysiology, philosophy and conversational AI.


Present: Support the development and testing of algorithms for standards of immersive 3D audio, i.e., MPEG-I, MPEG-H, for Virtual and Augmented reality applications. Dolby GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany.

2017 -2020. MSc degree in Digital Media Informatics. University of Bremen / HFK Bremen, Germany. Thesis on psychophysiological effects of acoustic environments at Dolby GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany. Research oriented program linked computer science, media theory and design, Human-computer Interaction.

2017-2019. Student assistant at Spatial Cognition Center. Psychometrics, Just Noticeable Difference in auditory display. University of Bremen, Germany.

2015. Bachelor of Information Systems Engineering. UEES, Ecuador.

2002-2017. Academic Staff / Research / IT / Sound Production at, Ecuador.

2000-2017. Freelance: interactive media installations, video mapping and live coding performances for several events including symphony orchestra concerts, music festivals, TV presentations, and museum exhibitions.

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